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Insomniac's Dream
Okay, so my LiveJournal account is expiring... like... tomorrow. Rather than pay for another year, I think I'll cave in and move my (very infrequent) blogging over to MySpace.
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There's a really cool Flash tool you can use to create your own South Park style characters at http://www.sp-studio.de/. Eric and Merinda have posted a bunch of good pictures they've done on their blogs. It looked pretty spiffy so I thought I'd give it a whirl and see what I could come up with. Here's my impression of me in in the morning on my way to work...
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We're having a Superbowl party at our house on Sunday. If you know where it is, consider yourself invited. Party starts around 5:00, kickoff is at 5:30.
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We'd still like people to make an effort to dress up. You're welcome to bring your fancy duds with you and change once you get here. You're also welcome to bring a pillow and blanket- just in case. :)
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We went to No Frills last night to buy food and booze for the Jitterbug NYE party at our house. We had to go home first and get the list and take stock of our booze collection so we'd know what to buy. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, it was about 12:55, so not enough time to purchase the booze last night. We stopped by that section anyway so we could decide what to get; that way I'd be able to pick it up on Saturday.

We're both already tired from our long days, and when I'm tired I'm a slow shopper. A really slow shopper. That's a bit of an understatement. To say that Merinda and I had words about it a few times last night would also be a bit of an understatement. Anyway, it takes us a bit over an hour to get all the food picked out, partially because I wanted Merinda to keep track (using the calculator on my phone, of course) of how much we were spending. So, after an hour of shopping, we're both *really* tired.

The guy checking us out at the register is one of the managers. He starts to ring us out and says, "There's a special on General Mills cereals, four boxes of Count Chocula for $.49 each."
A special on cereal? That sounded good. Merinda had just bought a bunch of wheat-free cereal that I wasn't much interested in eating so I thought I'd go get some cereal for me. So, I to the cereal isle to check it out. Either I didn't hear him the first time (my guess), or I was tired enough to forget what he'd said by the time I got there, but I stood there in the cereal isle for a minute looking for "sale" tags and not seeing anything for 49 cents. So I go back to the register and ask. He walks me back to the cereal isle and shows me how it's a coupon for $6 off when you buy four boxes and says, "You want four boxes of Count Chocola, right? That's the best deal." "Yeah, sure, okay." Sounded okay to me. Wasn't wheat-free or anything. We end up getting out of there at 2:12 a.m., according to the receipt.

So, we get home and unpack all of the food. Merinda and I were both wanting to stay up late to prepare a bit for the party. I was really hungry so, what the heck, I have two bowls of Count Chocola. The milk is really chocolatey when you have two bowls without changing the milk. Anyway, we ended up getting to bed sometime around 4:00 a.am.

Merinda had to work at 1:00 p.m. today, so she got up at 11:30 a.m. I wasn't feeling terribly well, so stayed in bed. A contributing factor may have been the luxurious new sheets that we got from my parents for Christmas. Anyway, I didn't get out of bed until she left for work at 12:30 p.m. I was still feeling pretty crappy and a bit nauseous. I thought it was because I was hungry, so I had two more bowls of Count Chocola. I don't know how many bowls you're normally supposed to get to the box, but in this case four bowls to the box. It's a holiday weekend so that means next on the agenda was a stint of video games on the big screen.

The cold air downstairs gets me coughing, which illustrates very clearly that I have a good migraine setting in. I didn't want to take a pill for it, since I never know if I take a pill and then throw up, is it okay to take another pill? So, a couple hours of uncomfortably playing Enchanted Arms.

Coming up, the Count Chocola was pretty much like brownie mix. After brushing my teeth, having a really long, really hot shower, taking my migraine pill, having some cheese and crackers, I feel mostly normal. The migraine pill hasn't fully set in yet, so still not feeling tip top. Recounting the story almost makes me need to run to the bathroom, though.

I don't think I'll be able to make it through the other three boxes of Count Chocola, so... whomever wants 'em...

Current Mood: sick sick

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"So, you're a cannibal."
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Good: It looks like I'll be DJ'ing Kelly Mc's wedding reception in October, and I have another wedding reception lined up for Jodi V's sister. I guess that makes it official. If you know someone that needs a good DJ that's familiar with swing music, feel free to send them my way. Especially while Billy is out of the country. :)

Bad: On the flip side of that, I just found out today that my mortgage company has no clue how to manage my escrow, so our mortgage payment is going up another $200/month.

Ugly: Okay, I lied. No ugly today. How about cute instead? We went to Merinda's parents to pick up her hat and gown for graduation. It was going to be a short trip, so I decided that we would take Jinx with us so that she'd get to spend some time in the new travel carrier that Merinda bought the other day. It's cute and black, looks like a piece of luggage. Well, Jinx loves to crawl inside black luggage for some reason. Always has. She was somewhat fearful of the new bag at first, but it has a zippered top, so she was able to poke her head out and look around during the drive. Once there we let her out to see how she and Nestle, their Shitzu, would get along. Jinx did pretty well, and only hissed and took swipes at Nestle when he would run up really fast and get in her face. Overall, it was pretty darn cute.

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New Server I normally find myself with a lot of odds and ends of a technical nature laying about. They may have had a use at one time, or maybe I thought they were really neat and then never used them. This is pretty much status quo for me. Lots of stuff, you never know when you might need some of it, so you keep it around. Well, I upgraded my file server last week from a 1 TB RAID 5 system to a 3.5 TB RAID 5 system. The reason for the upgrade was that two of the ports on the old server's RAID card went out. Only one of them was being used, which is good, because it took the drive with it and because I didn't end up losing all of my RAID data. Anyway, I replaced the failed drive and RAID card in the old server and am now looking to sell it to a good home. If you're interested, it's a 2.0 Ghz Pentium 4 machine with 1 Gb of RAM running Windows XP Home. It has five 250 Gb SATA drives configured in a 1 TB RAID 5 array. It has a 250 Gb drive for the OS, gigabit ethernet, and a good Sony DVD+/-R drive for backups.

My point is that it's a hard thing to find a buyer for, because it's such a specialty item. Not many people would need 1 TB of storage for their home office network. This got me thinking about all of the other techno-geek gear I have laying around, and it occurred to me that perhaps if several people with similar situations got together, they could sell off some of their gear, clean out their closets, and have a few dollars to show for it.

... on second thought, it might be quicker to jump to the end result and just shuffle the equipment to the other people's closets and basements, since someone else's junk is often more fascinating than your own.
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Do you ever find yourself with Chinese food leftovers and wonder about the best way to reheat it? A lot of people seem to have problems with the rice. I used to, anyway. I'm going to share with you my super-spiffy reheat technique: Start with a heavy ceramic-type cereal bowl and a dinner plate. Put your rice in the bottom of the bowl, and the rest of your food on top. If your rice is all clumped together in one mass, you'll probably want to use a fork to gently break it into small pieces before putting the rest of the food on top. Once all the food is in the bowl, put the dinner plate upside-down on top of the bowl. Press the plate into the bowl and turn the whole thing over so the bowl is resting on the plate. Microwave on high for 1:30-2:30, depending on how much food you have. Let sit for several minutes to let cool down and to let the steam heat and rehydrate the rice. Pry the bowl up with your fork and set aside. There you go, yummy Chinese food leftovers.

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As Eric mentioned on his blog, he, Merinda and I went to 88 improv's workshop on Wednesday. I was expecting it to be fun if maybe a bit uncomfortable at times. It ended up being a lot more fun than I was expecting, and if it was uncomfortable at all, I wasn't enough that I can remember it two days later. I definitely intend to try it again!

Things have been very busy on the work front, lately. Lots of extra things to keep me busy, like a week long advanced programming class I'll be going to in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, most of the interesting things I have on the horizon are on top of everything else I'm responsible for.

People seem to want to give me money at online poker these days. I definitely can't complain about that. I starting playing about forty-five minutes or so ago and have more than tripled my buy-in. If I could do that every day, why... I'd play every day!

Today I went to Best Buy to pick up some more memory for Merinda's computer. I had a 12% off coupon, but it was only good for one item, and wasn't good for desktop memory anyway. I looked around and decided to buy one of the boom boxes that you can plug your Sirius satellite receiver into. They're a bit pricy at $100, but I figured I'd at least be getting good use out of my coupon. (Best Buy loves me, this I know.) Anyway, I didn't figure that I'd be able to get reception inside, what with the antenna coming on a really long cable and all. As it turns out, it works just fine sitting on my desk without even having to put the antenna next to the window. This holiday weekend on Sirius 22 ("1st Wave") they're playing *all* Depeche Mode. That's something like 90+ hours of DM. Earlier tonight they played 101 from 1998's Rose Bowl. It's cool, I'm happy. :)

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: Depeche Mode - Blasphemous Rumours (live)

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